Reader call: Mother with MS

Angela writes:

"I’m in the process of being diagnosed with MS (clinically likely – no official diagnosis yet). The worst part of it is that my husband and I planned on starting to try get pregnant the month that I started having symptoms (last month). I’m terrified, and am still hoping that my symptoms could be something else. But, if it’s not, I’d love to hear from other mothers who have MS – I know that you can get pregnant (as long as you take a break from the medications) – but Iwant to know what life is like for a mother with MS. Is it do-able? Should I rush and have babies as soon as possible (I’m 29) before my symptoms worsen? Is it fair to kids to have a mother with MS?"

I don’t know much about MS (multiple sclerosis). What I do know is that people have used T-Tapp to control MS symptoms, so that’s something to look into.

Also, I think what’s fair to a kid is to have a mother who loves them, whose eyes light up when she sees them. What she looks like or how much money she has or what kinds of illnesses and conditions she has are so minor compared to how she treasures them and treats them. It’s possible that your children will wish you didn’t have MS (for your sake and for theirs), but I can’t imagine that they’d wish you weren’t their mother.

Anyone out there with MS (or any other autoimmune disease or other chronic health condition) want to comment?

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