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One of these years I’m going to be the kind of woman who has everything done in plenty of time, who can just relax and coast through the last week before Christmas.

But this year I’m not, so in addition to skipping yesterday, I’m posting two brief product reviews today. Tomorrow we’ll have feeding questions.

I can’t tell you how much I love love love the BusyBodyBook planner I was sent to review. It’s a planner, but specifically designed for people with lots of balls in the air, like moms and freelancers and people managing their parents’ lives or home businesses, etc. Basically, each week gets a page, with the seven days listed down the side. Then there are 5 columns across the top that are left blank so you can assign them your own categories. That means you now have 5 squares for each day, so you can keep track of 5 different arenas of your life each day. (If you did some color coding with pens you could probably track 10 things.)

What I love is that’s it’s so flexible. Assign whatever categories you want to each column. Mine won’t look the same as yours will, or your neighbors will. I hate being boxed in by someone else’s idea of organization, so this has been a true delight. I think in academic years, so I have this one , but she also makes calendar year models (this one and this one).

My other product review is plain old Crayola washable markers combined with disposable wipes for plane rides. We used to do the color wonder markers on planes, but they’re so ridiculously expensive, plus the colors are strange, and they fade. For the last few flights, I’ve been bringing regular washable markers. They are so washable that a kid can color all over the tray, walls, and window of the plane, and you can wipe it all off with a couple of baby wipes and it’s as if it never happened.

Are you guys hanging in there? I am, but things are falling by the wayside. Post any comments you’d like to, please, from your mental state, to tips for plane rides, to what annoys you most about the holiday season to anything else on your mind.

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