More holiday brouhaha

Because I just can’t stop, and I’m away on a business trip, so why not.

Anyone want to start a conversation about Santa? I wrote this post last year about it. Basically, we don’t really make a big deal about Santa, so what I’ve told my older son is that Santa is a fun game that grown-ups and kids play at Christmas time. That way there’s no "truth" vs. "secret" aspect of it, he won’t spill it to other kids, no problems with his non-Christian friends, and we have no conflicts by seeing a billion different Santas on the street.

And here’s a lovely question from Amy:

"Since you’re talking about holiday gifts this week, do you have any recommendations about what to give your daycare provider? Or if it’s even appropriate to give gifts? My daughter goes to a group daycare where she has two primary care givers, but many more caregivers rotate in and out through the day. Also, my daughter was recently diagnosed as having cerebral palsy  and I really appreciate the extra attention they’ve been giving her at the daycare so I’d love to show my gratitude somehow."

Hmm. I think for babysitters/nannies, the rule is a week’s pay at the new year. And I know that in preschool, we collected and gave each of the teachers a cash card and a handmade thank-you card from each kid.

But a daycare center with multiple caregivers, I do not know about. I also suspect it may be regional. Everyone, what do you do, and where do you live (generally)? Also, if you are a daycare provider or teacher, please tell us if there’s anything you don’t like to receive, since no one wants to give things that aren’t appreciated.

Also, if you’re renting a car on business, the Chevy HHR has enormous blind spots that make it hard to drive.

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