I’m back from my trip and am still reading through your comments. I haven’t made it very far, but my three favorites so far are, from the consistently hilarious Shirky, "i’d rather have the money, or a better health plan," cause, yeah. And from Treena, "Once, when I suggested that we all give to charity for Christmas, mymother said that my Christmas gift to her should be that I just shut up
about it and pretend to enjoy the whole thing. I’ve given up trying to
persuade them." Is it bad that this made me guffaw? And from julie, "One parent actually said to me "You taught my daughter to love reading…..I’m not buying you f-ing soap." Love that.

What do you guys want to talk about today? I have a feeling we’re not really done with this holiday stuff yet. One of the ideas that jumped out at me from yesterday is that people give cash gifts to men (because they’re doing "work") while they give cute gifts to women (because they’re doing things for "fun"). There’s plenty to get at there. I never thought about it before, but I agree with this assessment that the cultural idea is that men want the cash but women will somehow be offended if they don’t get hand lotion (please no) or hand-baked muffins or whatever cute thing.

For the record, I’d rather have the cash. (Or at least for you to click through on your way to Amazon.com Friday, not that I’m harping on that at all.) You?

Another idea I thought was interesting was from Shandra’s comment about story and how she thinks objecting to Santa just on the basis that it’s a lie doesn’t resonate with her. Read her whole comment here, about how going from told to teller is a rite of passage. Then think about it, and comment. I’m not sure what I think yet, so I’ll comment on it later.

Here’s a great question from Heather from Monday:

"We’re having a Thanksgiving food drive at school for the families in
our district who need assistance. I buy organic when available, but
also know that a can of organic beans versus regular can be more than
twice as expensive. Do I buy them the beans I probably wouldn’t feed my
kids? That seems wrong. I opted to donate money towards a grocery store
gift certificate so that the families could buy the things they needed.

For the toy drive, do I donate the new toys I won’t permit my kids
to play with? Also seems wrong. Don’t these kids deserve safe toys to
play with also?"

Comment? I have absolutely no idea. My kids do have plenty of cheap plastic crappy toys that they love, and we don’t always eat organic, so for me personally it isn’t a black and white situation. But for those of you who have more of a locked-down situation on what your kids play with and eat, what do you think?


I think the game plan for the rest of this week is going to be: Thursday: posting what we’re all thankful for, just because I’m sappy that way. Friday: Our favorites of 2007 so far–books, music, activities, new ideas, etc. And it won’t have to be things that actually happened in 2007, just things we’ve been particularly enjoying in 2007.

Then next week back to sleep and potty-training and discipline (I discovered a great new resource person for us) and keeping our self-esteem in the face of the rest of the world.

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