Off the tracks, slightly

I was traveling on business last week for four days. While I was gone I saw the new XO laptop computer*, and wow is it cute! I love it. Didn’t get to see it in action, but there’s time for that.

When I got back, I was thrust headfirst into a frenzy of Halloween excitement from the boys. We had to put decorations up, and I spent a few hours making a purple monster costume for my younger son. Note to all potential monster mothers: The fur sheds. All over. Everything. And is impossible to vacuum up. You’ll have to double-roll the hems, and zig-zag all the seams.

Also, I’m officially The Woman I Never Wanted To Be, because I bought Christmas wrapping paper on October 20. Yeesh.

So I’m ahead of myself on wrapping activities, but behind on posting here. I had a good one in my head for today, but purple fuzz won the battle. Better posts this week.

What’s on your mind?

* If I told you where or how I saw it, that would give away what my job is.

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