Q&A: triplets?!

The cats are here! A 6-month-old black boy named Alex Rodriguez and a 3 1/2-month-old calico girl named Princess Blossom Pepperdoodle Von Yum-Yum. Alex is a big sweet love and Blossom is a crazy wild girl. (I vetoed the first two name choices: Base and Ball, and Big Six and Cutebomb.) My younger son calls them B’ossom! and Awex! It’s almost too cute for me to process.

But on to a question from Meghan, mother of a 2 1/2-year-old who is the example whenever I say "unless your child has a metabolic disorder…" A few weeks ago she got the happy surprise that she was pregnant. Then she went in for the ultrasound:

"Triplets!?! How am I going to do it? Is Cole (now 2.5) going to need
years of therapy for being neglected? What about my career? My
marriage? My body? Their tiny bodies? I definitely need a pep talk from
parents who have been there with more than one."

I emailed her back something that basically said, "Holy shit." ‘Cause, yeah, holy shit. She replied:

"I know, right? Spontaneous triplets, I have learned, are less than 10% of triplets, which are also only 15% of multiples."

So she needs help from moms of triplets and twins about dealing with multiples. Special advice about dealing with triplets and an older child with special needs (the metabolic disorder) appreciated. She’s also worried that her pregnancy will be even higher-risk because of her son’s disorder and his low birth weight.

Both practical suggestions and it’s-gonna-be-all-rights welcome. All I know is that triplet mom Jody recommends Karen Gromada’s Mothering Multiples as the go-to book for triplets.

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