Q&A: splinter removal and jogging stroller rec needed

I’m feeling a little worn down by the seriousness of the week, so let our fancy lightly turn to thoughts of splinter removal and jogging stroller recommendations.

First, an email conversation I had with Charisse last night and this morning:

Charisse: Do you know any way to get a splinter out of a 3-year-old short of general anesthesia?  Mouse has one that doesn’t look like it’s going to work itself out, and I’d love to avoid the mayhem and 2 days of bathroom-refusing terror that went down last time. (We had to visibly remove all the tweezers from the bathroom before she’d go back.)

Me: Yes! It’s bizarre, but it works. Get a banana, and have Mouse eat the
banana (or give it to someone else.) Cut a piece of the peel to cover
the area of the splinter. Put the peel with the inside toward Mouse’s
skin (so peel side out) and use surgical tape to tape it snug onto her
skin over the splinter, and have her sleep that way. When she wakes up
in the morning, the splinter will have worked its way closer to the
surface (allegedly it should be lying on top of the skin, but that
hasn’t happened with us–it’s just gotten close enough to the surface
for me to yank it out easily).

It’s got to be something in the banana peel enzymes. Either that or magic.

Let me know if it works for you.

(The sun sets. The sun rises. Little Mouse sleeps with a banana peel taped to her skin.)

Charisse: …and the morning update is, it definitely helped!  Same as you though–it was farther out but not lying on top of the skin.  She still wouldn’t let me at it with the tweezers, but the skin’s less red and I think now it might come out in the bath."

So now you all know, too. I can’t remember who told me about the banana peel. Maybe my friend Kay? It’s freaky, but no freakier than putting raw grated potato on your breast to suck out a plugged duct (which also works).

Then, Lysa writes:

"Our stroller was stolen a few weeks ago, just before
we were about to relocate.  The stroller, a BOB Revolution, was
wonderful for a family that, like us, enjoys walking in the city and
out "in nature" together.  It was an expensive stroller, but not on
account of where it was made, what it looked like, or which celebrities
own it.  No: it was the most maneuverable, shock-absorbent, easy to
fold-up stroller I’ve ever used (and I did shop around).  The sun/rain
flap truly worked (we live in the Pacific Northwest where we need rain
protection), and there were several storage areas.  What I loved most,
of course, was the one-hand steering ability the stroller afforded.

question, not only for you, but for other moms is simply which
make/model you’d recommend *other* than the BOB?  That was a gift — we
can’t really afford to buy one ourselves right now.  We’re willing to
pay up to $200.00, but that’s really our limit.

All the best,
Strollerless and desperate!"

How much does it bite that her stroller was stolen? I mean, what kind of person steals a stroller?

I am no help on this question, because a BOB would be torture for me here in NYC. Way too big and bulky. But I know some of you must live in the same kind of city Lysa does where a jogging stroller is perfect. What have you got for her?

(Update on my own stroller situation: I’m loving the Chicco C6 I got a few weeks ago. It’s super-light, which was my main concern for my babysitter. It’s a tad short in the handles [I’m 5’8"], but I only go about 7 blocks with it each morning, and the babysitter’s fine with it. It folds easily and has a carrying strap and a slight recline, so it’s perfect for a 2 1/2-year-old. I’d never get it as a first stroller for a baby, but for an older toddler it’s perfect at the price [around US$60]. If someone else had been paying I’d have gotten the Micralite or the Quinny Zapp.)