Still sick

Went to work yesterday, but halfway through the day our office manager looked at me and said, "Honey, you have a fever. Take these ibuprofen." And he handed me the pills and a glass of water. This morning it’s morphed into your standard hacking chest cough, sore throat (thank goodness my conference call was yesterday), and light-headedness. So I can’t tackle anyone else’s problems yet, but I’m fairly certain I’ll recover at some point.

However, I’d be happy to relate this conversation from my office on Monday. Everyone in the office is a man except me.

Coworker S (who has a 5-year-old and an almost 2-year-old): The baby isn’t sleeping. He’s waking up more than he was before. We’re totally fried.

Boss (who has an almost 2-year-old and two school-age kids): It’ll get better. You know it’ll get better.

Me: It’ll totally get better. Someday he’ll go off to college and it’ll definitely be better then.

Coworker R (who has a 14-month-old): When he’s away at college you can call him at 3 am to tell him your teeth hurt.

Coworker S, laughing: I think I’ll call him every half hour throughout the night and tell him I want a drink.

And then we all laughed a bitter, hollow kind of laugh.

Anyone else want to tell a story for "Overheard About Parenting"?