Sharing back-to-school ideas

Because school’s either started or is about to start for lots of us, I thought it would be great to share some ideas.

Amie wrote in to tip me off that Office Depot has a program that gives back 5% of the money you spend on school supplies to your school. When you go, ask the checkout person for your school’s ID number, or sign your school up if they’re not already signed up for it. (Hint: You could also give the number of a poorly-funded school in your area to help those kids out, if you wanted to pull a Robinhood.)

I’m feeling like a supergenius because I figured out that if you, your partner, and your babysitter all have Gmail accounts, you can create a special calendar for your children’s events and share the calendar with all three of you (if you’ve never used Google calendars, click on the "Calendar" link at the top of your Gmail screen). And then you can even set it to send a text message reminder to you or your babysitter before events you need to be reminded of. Dude. I love Google. And a huge thank-you to my youngest coworker for tipping me off to the text reminder feature.

I just started reading Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way We Feed Our Children, and so far the authors have some great suggestions for healthy lunches, but more interestingly, they have some intriguing ideas about how we could be changing the lunches that kids are fed in school. I’ll do a full review when I finish the book.

Does anyone else have any back-to-school tips they’d like to share, or questions they’d like to ask the chorus?

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