Emergency procedures?

From moral crisis to physical crisis…

Holy crap, people! The flooding!

My worst problem here from flooding (because I live on the fifth floor) is that the subways could stop working again (like they did a couple weeks ago, throwing the entire city into a panic), but for most of you, flooding is a serious physical danger that could kill you and destroy your home and all your stuff.

Best practices? (Other than having flood insurance. You all do have either homeowners’ insurance or renters’ insurance, right?) Do waterproof, flameproof boxes for important documents really work? How best to back up computer files? Where should you go and what are the emergency procedures for your kids?

We might as well open up the "What’s in your Go Bag/emergency box?" conversation again, too. I’m still holding steady at a bunch of candles, a non-electric phone, hand crank radio, and extra batteries. This is going to make me reevaluate. What do I have at home, and what at work?

This is a whole bunch of questions and no answers, it looks like.

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