What Boys Should Know By the Time They Become Men

We’ve done the girl book, so now let’s do What Boys Should Know Before They Become Men.

I’ll start:

1. How to sort and wash laundry properly
2. Writing thank-you notes
3. Tying a necktime
4. Talking your way out of a fistfight
5. Winning a fistfight
6. Ending a date politely without promising to call someone you have no intention of calling
7. Roasting a chicken, making risotto, cooking asparagus, and baking brownies
8. First Aid
9. Driving a Manual Transmission Car
10. The Rules of Soccer
11. Telling a Story Effectively

and a bunch repeated from the girl book. Tell me your ideas, too. And while you’re at it, let’s put together a list of books every boy should have read. Here are some of mine:

The first Harry Potter
at least one Hardy Boys
The Boxcar Children
The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
Captain Underpants
Charlotte’s Web

I’ll collect all your suggestions for things boys should know and books boys should have read and post them nicely next week. I’ll close comments on this post on Monday.

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