Follow-up from Annie

Remember Annie’s creepy "birth mother" comment from her son’s caregiver at daycare? She sent me an update on the situation:

"I confronted the caregiver and she claimed
that she never said anything like that.  It was a difficult situation- I
didn’t want to accuse her of lying but I know what I heard.  I approached
the conversation from the stand point of- "well, here is how I feel
because this is what I thought you said."  I also told her that when
I was visiting my son she didn’t need to spend a lot of time and attention on
him.  Prior to talking to this caregiver I spoke with the second caregiver
in the room and asked if she had seen anything alarming or heard anything
strange.  She understood why I would be upset but said she didn’t see or
hear anything that would set off any red flags.  Since my conversation
with the caregiver she is not as friendly with me and is often short in her
responses, I haven’t seen any additional alarming behavior though.  We’ve
been so very happy about the care our son has received- and really have had no
complaints- aside from this major one. This incident has definitely been disappointing-
as all of you know- child care is a very complicated and difficult entity- the
guilt can be over whelming, but knowing that your child is well taken care of
and happy at the establishment certainly makes things easier to deal
with.  Because of our experience with this place we have decided to
continue with care here.  Happily my son is moving into a new room starting
at the end of May. 

Thank you so much for all your comments
and words of advise- I will definitely post again to this site- I appreciate
the support that I received!"

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