Daring News

After all that angst about how a "dangerous" book for girls could never be as good as the one for boys, it turns out we were wrong. Miriam Peskowitz and Andi Buchanan are going to write The Daring Book For Girls. So no worries! These kick-ass women are going to write a kick-ass book for girls.

I love it when a plan comes together.

In other news, my amazing babysitter has three weeks left with us. If anyone in NYC is looking for someone to start in a few weeks, she’s truly a wonderful person, completely trustworthy, with two older kids of her own. Funny, warm, loving, a litle goofy, totally in charge, with energy to spare. She wants to work for a family in Manhattan so her commute is decent (east side would be great, and UES would be perfect), but her primary concern is being with a family who she’s comfortable with. Email me if you’re interested in more info.

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