Book Review: The Dangerous Book For Boys

Review of The Dangerous Book For Boys

I adore this book.

The Dangerous Book For Boys by Conn and Hal Iggulden is a compilation of stuff boys (and girls, too, age 8 or so on up) should know. Things like Morse Code, how to make a battery, the rudiments of English grammar, how to tie knots, insects and spiders, how to build the best paper airplane in the world,the fifty (U.S.) states, making a periscope, Latin phrases every boy should know, fishing, etc.

I’m not sure there’s anything more I can even say about it that reading the table of contents wouldn’t cover. It’s just awesome. My 5-year-old is a little young for it, but he’s been scrutinizing the drawings of the Seven Wonders of the World and asking me all sorts of questions about them. He keeps flipping to the chapter on making a pocket light and reading slowly through the instructions. He’s looking at the chart of naval signal flags and puzzling out what makes them different from each other. He’s excited about building a treehouse from the instructions some day.

I think I’m going to start giving this book as a baby shower gift for people who are having boys. I’m definitely giving it to my dad for Father’s Day. And there are at least three adult male friends of mine who are getting it for their birthdays this year. I usually pass on review books I get, but I’m keeping this one for sure, and my two boys will probably end up fighting over it in 40 years.

This may be the worst book review ever, because I’m just speechless with delight at the book itself, and there’s nothing I can possibly say about how perfect it is. I dare you to get it and not think it’s fabulous. (Oh, and I just looked at the Amazon review, and it turns out that Conn Iggulden is extremely hot. Bonus points for the book, IMO.) I dare you to get it and not spend three hours reading it before you fork it over to your child. Now I’m going to go so I can read through the "Books every boy should read" chapter.

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