Q&A: pacifiers: boon to society or bane of your existence?

I’ve gotten several questions in the last few weeks from parents of young babies (in the 3-5 month range) who are caught in the pacifier trap and can’t walk out. The baby falls asleep with the pacifier, but then wakes up when it falls out, and can’t go back to sleep until someone pops the pacifier back in. Lather, rinse, repeat all night long.

I wrote a post on this last year (is April just a bad month for pacifiers?), but we might as well revisit it now. I don’t have any newer answers than what I wrote before. I never had to deal with it, since my first son could fall back alseep in the middle of the night without the pacifier (and we were still nursing at night with him in the bed at that point anyway), and my second son would never take a pacifier. So my advice is all speculation. The readers had some good suggestions the first time.

So this time I’m asking for encouragement for our hopeless parents. And we might as well use this as a chance to debunk some pacifier myths by sharing our experiences. Did your baby use a pacifier? For how long? How did you get rid of it (if you have) and was it hard or easy? If you got rid of the pacifier sometime in the 3-5-month range, how did you do it?

I’ll start with my short and boring history: Child 1 refused a pacifier until 12 weeks, then used one only to fall asleep. At 8 months or so we went on vacation and forgot the pacifiers, and he never missed them. Child 2 would never take one.


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