Two Follow-Up Questions about WOHMing

More questions for you. (You are all so helpful!):

In the comments, Charisse asked if people would post how many kids they have, old their children are, and how long the morning routine takes.

By email, Lisa asked if we’d share what kind of childcare arrangement we have and how we decided on it and how it’s working out for us.

My answers:

I have 2 kids who are 5 years and 22 months. The routine has been taking 90 minutes from the second they wake up, but I think it would expand to as much time as I gave it. I maybe could do it in 60 minutes if I had to. But who knows, since it’s barely been a week.

My childcare arrangement is a combo of a babysitter who comes to our apartment and their dad having some half-days this week. Then there will be some vacation time, then a full-time babysitter at our apartment.

For us it’s pretty much the only option because in our part of NYC the waiting list for an acceptable daycare is 3-6 months. And my 5-year-old is in school 3 afternoons a week, so we’d have to jerk him out of that to go to daycare anyway. There is no home daycare (which would probably be my first choice otherwise) in this part of the city, so that’s not an option. We’re sucking up the cost (which is astronomical but not that much different than two in daycare would be), but it makes things waaaay easier for me since the kids don’t have to be dressed and I don’t have to pack bags for them before I leave. They like to eat when they first get up, but the rest is just conflict resolution.

Now you share.

(This post written at 9:30 pm, right after I picked out my outfit–lingerie and all–for tomorrow and assessed my lunch situation for tomorrow.)

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