Thanking the advertisers and some requests

Very special thanks to our advertisers! (Why I say "our" when it’s really just me is beyond me.) now has bamboo blankets and bathrobes. Have you people felt bamboo fabric? It’s super-soft, and very absorbent, and as long as you don’t have a pet koala, it’s great. And did I mention soft?

Read to see how your marriage stacks up to the marriages of the people who went on camera with them. I love advertisers who promotoe voyeurism…

FireHouse Dog is a movie about a dog who fights fires and rides a skateboard. ‘Nuff said. I trust you’ll be there opening weekend, as I will.

Now, Gretchen has a request. She’d like to know how to go about finding a pediatrician when you 1) are new to the area and don’t know other parents yet, 2) work full-time, 3) have a list of 20 doctors that are on your plan, 4) have a 2-year-old who takes a long time to warm up to people and even longer to warm up to doctors, and 5) have no babysitter so you’ll have to take your shy toddler along on all the visits to meet the doctors. Alternately, if anyone can just suggest a great doctor in Cleveland, that might be even more helpful to her (but less helpful to the greater knowledge base).

Also, just so you know, if you use pocket diapers (they’re a kind of cloth diaper) and are looking for super-thin, super-absorbant stuffers, the Trader Joe’s super dish towels (made of viscose) sold in a 2-pack work really well. Go figure.

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