Reader call: depression during pregnancy and cleaning bath toys

Here are two things readers need help with today:

Amy writes:

"I just wanted to know if you got depressed with your second pregnancy?
I am in my first pregnancy, 2nd trimester and very depressed. It has
made me rethink getting pregnant again because it is so painful!!! I
feel like I am too scared to go through this again."

I did get depressed with my second pregnancy, but nowhere near as badly as with my first. (With my first I saw a therapist to help me deal and stop having panic attacks.) The depression wasn’t as severe and it didn’t last through as much of the pregnancy. I think the really important thing about it, though, was that I knew it was hormonal, and was therefore just another one of those physical symptoms I had to deal with, like constant nausea and restless leg syndrome. That way it didn’t really touch me the same way it had the first time through. I coudl tell myself it was an annoyance instead of a prediction or personal judgment.

Anyone else who was depressed during a first pregnancy want to share what happened during subsequent pregnancies? So many of us get depressed during pregnancy, and we really need to talk about it with each other, so your comments are very important.

And now for something completely different:

Molly writes:

"My daughter has a huge inventory of rubber and plastic bath toys. Some of them have ‘blow holes’ where you can squeeze water in and out of the toy. Over the course of the past few months these toys have gotten slimy, no matter how hard I try to rinse and dry them. Also, the water inside some of the toys never gets completely flushed out and I cringe to think of what microbes are flourishing in there.  I want to dunk them all in a bleach solution for the afternoon, and get the bleach inside the ‘blow hole’ toys, too.

What do you think?

My only worry is the possibility of residual bleach from the ‘blow hole’ toy coming into contact with my daughter at some point. (Of course she loves these toys the best.)

Should I just chuck them all and buy a bunch of new ones?"

I can’t be the only one laughing here, because I’m betting 80% of the readers have gone through this exact same process and line of reasoning. Sucking the bleach water in to get out the black mold, but then worrying about the bleach water, and thinking the whole thing is impossible.

I have no idea. My gut feeling is that the bleach water is probably less harmful than that mysterious black slime mold, but who knows? Ultimately, I just sidestepped the problem by switching us to hard plastic boats and a bunch of "guys" (action figures) that do lots of rescue work in the tub.

Anyone else?

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