Q&A: pulling up on…nothing?

Karen writes:

"My 7 month old has been pulling up to a
standing position in his crib for a few days now and he is actively searching
out other opportunities to do the same around the house. The problem is that we do
not have a coffee table or other furniture his level to pull up on. He is keenly
eyeing the full bookcases that fill most of the rooms. Our sofa is a futon and
we have 2 chairs that would not be sturdy enough to support a strong pull. My
question is this: should we purchase a coffee table and other
pull-up/cruise friendly furniture for him?"

Well, I would not invest any money in something for my child to pull up on, since I don’t have a lot of money and figure they’ll go through that phase soon enough anyway. But if you want to buy something, feel free. I’d think carefully about what you buy, though, so that it’s still a good purchase once the pulling-up phase is gone.

I guess my top two contenders would be a coffee table (we foolishly gave up our coffee table to make room for an exersaucer–I know!–and have never gotten another one, even though the saucer is long gone) or an activity table. You can buy an activity table (or train table), or you could DIY if you live near an Ikea by buying the size of plain coffee table you like, then going into the toy section and getting the wire bead toys, some train tracks, and some dollhouse parts, and Krazy Gluing or drilling them to the coffee table.

If you’re truly insane you could build a sand/water/bean table (or you could just do it and keep it outside for all the fun and none of the vacuuming).

Anyone else have any ideas? I think your son is going to learn to pull up in his crib and in other places you go, so it’s only worth getting something else if you truly want that new item. But what do the rest of you think?

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