Q&A: morning sickness

Unhappy reader Tammie writes:

"I’m 10 weeks pregnant and since Thursday I eat and then feel like I’m going to be sick (vomit) sometimes I do and then sometimes I don’t, this goes on ALL day. I still now feel the same but I am being sick more often so I’m not eating much or drinking cause of the way I feel afterwards. Not eating or drinking means I have no food or liquid inmy stomach. "What can I do?" If there is anything I can do, ’cause I don’t
think it would be too healthy for the baby or myself."

These are the things people will tell you to do to stop morning sickness:

Eat saltine crackers

Eat protein at least every three hours

Eat a bunch of small meal throughout the day

Wear SeaBands

I will tell you right now that if you have moderate to severe nausea these will not work.

If you have moderate nausea these things will probably help you:


Reglan (a prescription anti-nausea medication)

Zofran (an unbelievably expensive anti-nausea medication that is rarely covered by insurance)

Supplementing any or several of these by eating ginger (or drinking strong ginger beer) and sucking on sour candy (the Altoid Sours line is excellent for this) can help some, too.

If you have severe nausea (or hyperemesis, which is when you throw up so often that you become dehydrated and the only treatment is hospitalization and an IV), not many things help. However, I checked in with Jessica at Kerplop (formerly Very Mom), who had hyperemesis with her first two pregnancies, but did not with her third. She’d mentioned some mysterious vitamins in her blog, so I emailed her to get the scoop. Here’s what she said:

"The brand is Standard Process and Dr. Stockwell hawks them at www.jackstockwell.com
but you can find them all over the internet.  They are not pyramid
schemey at all though the company prefers that you get them after
having some kind of work up/exam from a doctor before medicating
yourself just so you get the right ones for your system.  I had a Bio
Meridian scan at Dr. Stockwell’s office (about $50.00 at the time)
which gave me a total work up on what I was deficient in.  Without a
scan I can’t promise the same results, but I have had folks call his
office and get the pre natal list for "morning sickness" and experience
success without the scan.  Doctors (mostly chiropractors nation wide
offer the Bio Meridian scan).

Here’s what I took:

started me off taking 1 Unisom each night with 4 Cataplex B tablets –
I’d tried Unisom & B vitamins before without results, but with the
Standard Process B vitamins, I had a significant decrease in vomiting.
They thought it would take about four weeks to get it under control,
but I felt better within a week and a half.  (From 18 pukes a day down
to like, 5 or 6, it was amazing).

I "weaned" off the Unisom after two weeks.

I took 2 Diaplex tablets before I tried to eat anything.

Calcium Lactate tablets every day (this is the best kind of calcium
that your body can actually use rather than just creating expensive pee)

3 Cataplex F tablets

6 Cataplex C tablets

(This is the 6-3-6 combo)

2 Folic Acid B12 tablets

2 Bio Dent

1 Ferrofood

1 Immuplex

1 Protofood

1 Nutrimere

2 Cataplex GTF

2 Trace Minerals

And I had an iron pill, I can’t remember what it was.

put me on Phosfood liquid drops to quell my irritating excess saliva
and that was a miracle potion as far as I’m concerned, it worked

For anyone completely freaked out over the sheer volume of pills the most important for hyperemesis would be:

Unisom with 4 Cataplex B and 2 Folic Acid B12 tablets.  Take them
either at night or first thing in the morning, or whenever you’re
feeling the least pukey.  If you throw them up, don’t worry, just try
to take them again.  You can grind ’em up and put them in a shake if
that helps. 

You should start to feel better
within 2 – 6 weeks.  When you do, wean yourself off the Unisom and
start adding the "6-3-6" and take that every day.  The rest make up
more of a typical "prenatal" pill that will help your immune system and
strengthen baby’s bones and help baby’s growth.

I hope this helps!"

I hope this helps, too. If anyone tries this vitamin regimen, definitely let me know how it works.

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