Halloween issues

Apologies to readers in countries that don’t celebrate Halloween.

(Hey, since Halloween’s almost upon us it must be time to start thinking about Hanukkah and Christmas. Fans of fair trade chocolate can find fair trade Hanukkah gelt at the SERRV.org catalogue here and Advent calendars with fair trade chocolate behind each window here.)

Is Halloween stressful or fun for your family? I’ve gotten a couple of emails about Halloween stuff, and I wrote a little thing for Kristen at The Mom Trap on doling out your kids’ candy so they don’t explode in one big chocolate bomb (It’s going up sometime today). I’ve also read some stuff about people trying to reconcile their personal and religious beliefs about Halloween with their kids’ desires to participate with everyone else.

I had no idea it could be so stressful. I do tend to go a little nuts with the costumes, but I just figured out that I can get great ones on Ebay (I know, duh). And we live in NYC and there’s no trick-or-treating in our building, so we just go to a carnival with some candy but not too much. The candy issue is over in a few days for us. I have friends, though, that report huge competition about costumes (as if we need another thing to compete about!), and hundreds of trick-or-treaters at their house, and bags and bags of candy that their kids collect.

So I guess I’m wondering if Halloween is a burden, logistically or mentally, for any of you. Or if it’s just part of the long end-of-the-year Parade of Holidays.

Back to your questions tomorrow.

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