Reader call: toddler vandalism

Chip writes:

"Our two-year-old took a ball point pen to our 6-month-old flat screen, HDTV.  We got the ink off but it left a few scratches.

Any ideas?"

Yowza. Maybe dock the kid’s college fund to pay for the repairs to the screen? I wonder if there’s a way to fill the scratches in the screen somehow, or if that would make it worse. In your situation I’d probably call up the local TV repair store (the local guy, not the big box retailer) and see if he laughs when you explain the problem or not.

My friend’s husband was totally anal about his TV and stereo equipment and put one of those play-yard gates encircling the entertainment center so his daughter couldn’t get within 3 feet of it. At the time I thought he was a little nutty, but now I’m wondering if he wasn’t crazy like a fox.

Someone else out there must have had this problem. Any suggestions?

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