Q&A: prying nasty stuff out of a baby’s mouth

Someone with a really goofy email address writes:

"How do you get a baby to give up what she’s chewing on–like when you know it is some nasty thing she found on the floor just now–and you put your finger in there and she totally bites you?"

Any way you can.

Several possible methods:

1. Offer her a piece of chocolate instead, and maybe she’ll spit out whatever’s in there so she has room for the chocolate.

2. When she bites you, scream in pain. When she starts to cry because she made you cry, fish out the object before she knows what hit her.

3. Hold her down and squeeze the sides of her jaw with one hand (like you’re trying to give a cat a pill) to get her to o-o-o-open, and then pull the thing out.

4. Make her laugh and see if she spits out the thing involuntarily.

5. Shift the balance of temptation by dropping a few cheddar bunnies on the floor every time you give her a snack. Then the ratio of things that are good to eat to things that are bad to eat on your floor will be higher and you won’t have to stop her from eating as many things.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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