Reader help needed: bug repellant

For me, this time.

But before I ask you my question, let’s talk about the sponsors a little.

This is the last week of the "Up Your Budget Treasure Hunt 2006." They gave away another $25,000 prize last Friday (plus a $10,000 and a $5,000 prize for the second and third-place winners, respectively). Play along this week, because it’s your last chance this summer to make that much money just for being dope with maps and quick at sending in your answers.

And welcome to author Barbara Freethy’s Taken, which looks like it (and all of her other books) would be perfect for reading while on vacation. Click through to the website and you can enter to win a stained glass window or an autographed Barabara Freethy book collection. You can click through that site to get 20% off mystery and suspense thriller books. Perfect for vacation!

And speaking of vacation, here’s my question for all of you:

We’re about to head up to the Mosquito State on vacation, and I’d like to have a plan in place for bug management. So give me what you’ve got in terms of repellant sprays that are safe for kids, supplements we can take to make our blood less attractive, magical talismans we can wear to ward off the winged beasts, etc.

The caveat is that the scent of Skin-So-Soft makes me nauseated.


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