Linky Lou

Today’s a national holiday in the United States, so in lieu of a Q&A I’m going to post some of the newest interesting links I’ve found. Tomorrow I’ll post the results of the early rising poll and also some more thoughts about the situation with the woman who doesn’t want to spend time away from her daughter (there’s been an update from the original questioner).

The post "Why Bother With Good Fit" on Bra-Making with Bra-makers explains what elements go into bras and how all these things work together to make your bra fit you well (or not.) A very interesting read. I’m going to be watching this site to see if they do anything with nursing bras at any point.

We’re coming up on the summer holidays here in the Northern Hemisphere, so people are planning vacation travel. This page, "Adventure Travel With Children Under Four" almost makes it sound easy to hike in the Himalayas with a preschooler.

For those of you who have kids starting to learn to read (or for those of you thinking ahead to that time), here’s an interesting article about Synthetic Phonics (it’s a PDF, so you need Adobe Reader–a free download if it’s not already on your computer–to view it), a way of teaching phonics to kids that’s having great success in Scotland and seems to be particularly beneficial to boys. I’ve been using the main ideas (teach letter and cluster sounds in groups instead of individually, and teach them in all positions within words) to help me decide how to frame and proceed with our discussions here about words and reading.

A fun site for kids is, a site with a live webcam of the sheep on a farm in South Carolina, USA. If the shot is dark because it’s nighttime in South Carolina, scroll down to see some still shots of sheep, or play the timelapse sheep movie (24 hours in the sheep paddock in 60 seconds of movie). Each of the five sheep has its own page of still shots, and there’s a page about the sheepdog and cat, too. Very cute and refreshing in a world of oversaturated raucous animation for kids.

Have a peaceful day. I’m off to Central Park for a picnic.