Search phrase report, Vol. 2

Oh, the site referrals!

"adult breastfeeding relationship" — I truly hope this person is wondering if having been breastfed has any effect on a child’s relationship to his/her mother as an adult, because the other option is something I don’t want to spend much time thinking about.

"daycare won’t wipe my preschooler" — Aieee! They let your kid come home poopy? This is not acceptable. Please switch immediately.

"Could I be pregnant so soon after having a baby? — Yes. Yes, you could. Some women ovulate 2 weeks after giving birth, so if you’ve had sex even once since the baby’s been here, you could be pregnant. It’s not that likely statistically, but you probably want to pee on a stick just so you know.

"opportunities of moxie soda" — I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never tried Moxie soda. Moxie is a goofy nickname a friend gave me. So I have no idea what opportunities Moxie soda could provide, but if you find out, drop me a line. 

"4 year old whining & screaming" — Try putting him to bed earlier. I’m reading an awesome book about sleep deprivation right now and will post about it when I finish in a few days. In the meantime we’re trying a more sleep experiment here for our 4-year-old and it seems to be helping with the tantrums and oppositional behavior.