Reader Tip: Spring Holiday Tips

We’re about to hit Passover, Easter, and Mothers’ Day (or is it Mother’s Day?), so I thought we could share some wisdom to help make things easier for each other. I’ll go first, then you go. (A reminder that if you don’t want to have your email clickable for the whole internets, put a URL, any URL–like or–in the "URL" box and it covers whatever email address you enter. Only I can see the email address. If you don’t want me to know your email, either, then put a fake one in that box, too.)


Instead of that nasty plastic grass that goes in the bottom of kids’ Easter baskets (and then ends up everywhere and clogs up your vacuum), use Veggie Booty instead. It’s green like grass, but it’s edible (providing a nice savory note amidst all the jellybeans and chocolate), safe if a baby gets hold of it, and easy to vacuum up.

You can buy fair trade chocolate eggs (milk chocolate only, unfortunately) from the A Greater Gift catalog. They also sell fair trade Easter baskets made by  a cooperative. (This catalog is also a good source for fair-trade Hanukkah gelt in December.)

If your family tends to get into fights at the Easter dinner table, consider replacing the traditional ham with turkey, so people will fall asleep before they can start fighting. (That tip is courtesy of my mother.)


I’m not Jewish, so I’ve really got nothing here, except that I think I could eat a whole lot of these Raspberry Brownies from One Tired Ema.

Mothers’ Day:

If you end up cooking a brunch, make (or buy) a quiche the day before. Then on Mothers’ Day all you have to do is heat it in the oven and toss together a green salad and put out some scones and you’re set. No stress.