WWYD?: Temporary lactose intolerance

I decided I should start a special category for questions for which I have no answer. Since I’m turing it over to you, the readers, I’m going to call this category "What Would You Do?". If you have any experience with this, please weigh in in the comments.

Janie writes:

"My 10-month old son has had diarrhea for 18 days now.  (Don’t
worry – he’s not dehydrated and I have had him checked by two
pediatricians!)  Over the weekend I was finally able to conclude (with
the help of my U of Google MD) that he is suffering from temporary
lactose intolerance.  It seems he had a virus or something in the
beginning, and now that is gone, but his intestines were damaged such
that now he can not tolerate milk products.
I nursed him for 9 months, he spent at least one month on the
milk-based formula with no problem, he then suddenly developed diarrhea
and we put him on Isomil DF (soy-based).  Once he improved, at the
doctor’s suggestion, I re-introduced his regular formula (half and half
with the DF).  Within 24 hours he had awful diarrhea again.  Went back
to soy formula only, and the problem is resolving.
Of course, the doctor’s office has not been very helpful – we
actually switched pediatricians over this when the first one just told
me to wait the diarrhea out (on day 11!).  The second doctor is much
more caring and agrees that this sounds like temporary lactose
intolerance.  I plan to keep him on soy formula for 4-8 weeks while his
intestines heal.
So, my question is – do you or any of your readers have any
experience with this?  I am finding it unnerving – I am happy to
finally know what is causing the diarrhea, though, because that was
quite scary for me and very unpleasant for the baby.  He developed a
horrible burn-type diaper rash which has now receded, thankfully.
I guess I’m just looking for advice, support, personal experience
with a lactose-intolerant child.  I am particularly sad because the
baby loves cheese and now his diet must change so much."

Oof. Your poor little guy. It’s good you were able to nurse for as long as you did, or the problem might have been even worse. And how about you for figuring out what was going on! Yay, Tiger Mama.

I’ve got nothing for you here except that of course you know he’ll be fine and perfectly healthy even if he can’t have milk. He may be able to tolerate yogurt, but even if he can’t for awhile (or ever), he’ll still grow up normal and healthy.

Now, readers. Anyone else have any experience with this? Or just with having to put a baby/toddler on a restricted diet? Any advice for weathering this?