Potty Training Week

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about potty training lately, so I thought I could make this Potty Training Week. I am absolutely not an expert in potty training: I’ve only gone from diapers to underwear with one kid, and he basically did it himself. But I can tell you what I did that helped him set the stage (he was out of diapers in the daytime by 2 years 4 months and at night by 2 years 8 months), and maybe it’ll help those of you who are just starting or just starting to think about it. For people with questions about kids older than 3, you guys are going to have to be the advisors.

I’ll get to the full story of what I did later this afternoon, but here’s the advice my grandmother (who had 5 kids in 10 years, and no two in diapers at the same time) gave me: The summer after the kid is 18 months old, let him/her run around outside as much as possible with no pants on. Once the kid can see what happens and connect the feeling with the actual peeing or pooping, you can use that to start them on the road to training.

More this afternoon (I’m actually flying home from my vacation as you read this).