Q&A: Daycare problems

Daycare moms, we need your help! I know next to nothing about daycare, and another mom is having a hard time of it. Please weigh in with your advice and support.

Kinneret just went back to work last week, and her son is 3 months old. You can read how the first day went here.

(She’s doing in-home daycare, with two adults and four kids total, so he’s getting plenty of attention and holding.)

The next few days went well because she only worked half-days, and stayed in the daycare with him for a few hours each day to help get him adjusted. (And I was feeling like a super-genius, because my thoughts were that staying with him to help him get adjusted would take care of the problem since he would be used to the daycare provider by the time he needed to be alone with her. I fear my hubris has caused bad luck for Kinneret.) But then on Monday he refused a bottle from the daycare provider and screamed inconsolably for 45 minutes. Kinneret had to leave work to go get him.

She doesn’t have the option of taking more time off work, but she can’t "break" her baby. Any ideas how to make this easier on him (and her!) so he can be happy in daycare?